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Apex - What is difference between repeat and dataList?

asked kiran-57 December 9, 2013 03:03 AM  

What is difference between repeat and dataList?


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Both  are used to get data from Collections,but


   1. By using <apex:repeat> we can't get proper alignments,just it displays data,but in <apex:datatable> we can get columns wise alignment data.


   2.In <apex:repaet> there is no javascript events like onmouseover,onclick..........but they are available in <apex:datatable>


   3. Main Difference Between <data:table> and <apex:pageblocktable> is,Unlike the < apex:dataTable > component, the default styling for < apex:pageBlockTable > matches standard Salesforce styles. Any additional styles specified with < apex:pageBlockTable >

 attributes are appended to the standard Salesforce styles

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