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ASP.NET - How many types of session in asp.net2.0?

asked mar October 4, 2014 02:41 AM  

How many types of session in asp.net2.0?


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answered By siddhant   0  

Session object is used to store state specific information per user basis.Session object can be configured 3 ways based on availability and scalability of web application.

In Process Mode:

This is default mode and useful for small application which is hosted on single server.

Out-of-process session mode(State server mode):

This mode is useful for highly available and scalable applications.Session state is stored in a process called aspnet_state.exe that runs as a windows service which listens on TCP port 42424 by default.

Sql-Backed Session State:

Session can also be stored in sql server database.Storing session in DB offers resilience that can serve session to a large web farm that persists across IIS restarts.SQL based session state is configured with aspnet_regsql.exe.

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