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C++ - What is the basic concept of inheritance?

asked marvit August 19, 2014 09:30 AM  

What is the basic concept of inheritance?


1 Answers

answered By bhjahnavi   0  
 Inheritance :
Inheritance is the process of forming a new class from an existing class or base class.
The base class is also known as parent class or super class, the new class that is formed is called derived class.
Derived class is also known as a child class or sub class. Inheritance helps in reducing the overall code size of the program, which is an important concept in object-oriented programming.
It is classifieds into different types, they are
  • Single level inheritance: a class deried from a single super class.
  • Multi-level inheritance: a class derived from a class which is  derived from another class.
  • Multiple inheritance: deriveing a class from more than one class.
  • Hybrid inheritance:which is a combination of single , multiple,multilevel,and hierarchial inheritance.
  • Hierarchial inheritance:deriving more than one derived class from a super class.
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