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C-Sharp - What is early binding and late binding?

asked mar October 4, 2014 03:08 AM  

What is early binding and late binding?


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Early bound

  • The compiler can work out where the called function will be at compile time.
  • The compiler can guarantee early (before any of the programs code runs) that the function will exist and be callable at runtime.
  • The compiler guarantees that the function takes the right number of arguments and that they are of the correct type. It also checks that the return value is of the correct type.


  • The lookup will take longer because its not a simple offset calculation, there are usually text comparisons to be made.
  • The target function may not exist.
  • The target function may not accept the arguments passed to it, and may have a return value of the wrong type.
  • With some implementations, the target method can actually change at run-time. So, the lookup may execute a different function. I think this happens in the Ruby language, you can define a new method on an object while the program is running. Late-binding allows function calls to start calling a new override for a method instead of calling the existing base method.
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