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CICS - Difference between TSQ & TDQ?

asked mar August 4, 2014 10:48 AM  

Difference between TSQ & TDQ?


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  • They are identified by a 4 character ID called destination ID
  • Destination ID and other characteristics of TDQ are defined in the destination control table (DCT) by the system programmer.
    2 types of TDQ’s
    • Intra Partition TDQ
    • Extra Partition TDQ
  • Intra Partition TDQ - Processed only within the same CICS region
  • Extra Partition TDQ - Individual Sequential Files processed between the transaction of the CICS region and the system outside of the cics region.
  • TSQ is a queue of stored records.
  • Created & deleted dynamically by application program.
  • Used as a scratch pad
  • Queue ID is of length 1-8 bytes
  • TSQ is of variable length
  • Records can be stored in main or auxiliary storage
  • The records once written remains accessible until the
  • entire TSQ is deleted
  • Records can be read sequentially or directly
  • Records can be re-read & updated.


TDQ is read destructive. Data will be erased from the queue once it is read.
TDQ can only be read sequentially. TDQs must be defined in DCT table. TDQs can trigger another task automatically.

TSQ is not read destructive. It can be read multiple times. TSQ can be accessed both sequentially and randomly. TSQ does not have trigger functionality. TSQ can be dynamically defined.

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