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CICS - Explain the basic difference between Intra partition TDQ and Extra partition TDQ?

asked mar August 19, 2014 10:41 AM  

Explain the basic difference between Intra partition TDQ and Extra partition TDQ?


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Intrapartition transient data queue:

Application programs use intrapartition destinations to queue, on direct-access storage devices, data that is to be processed by other programs that are running as separate tasks within the same CICS region. Data that is directed to or from these internal destinations is called intrapartition data. Typical uses for intrapartition destinations include message switching, distribution of output to several terminals, and enqueueing data to assign priority by arrival.

Extrapartition transient data queue:

Extrapartition destinations are queues that are residing on any file system file (disk, tape, and so on), and are accessible by programs on any CICS region. Data can also be routed to output devices, such as printers. Examples of such extrapartition data are logging data, statistics, and transaction error messages. In general, extrapartition destinations are used for storing and retrieving data outside the CICS region and for storing data for input to non-CICS programs.

Extrapartition data consists of sequential records that are fixed length or variable length, as predefined for the destination. The queue definition also defines the logical organization (length and termination character) of records that are in the queue.
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