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CICS - What are extra partition & intra partition TDQs?

asked mar August 4, 2014 12:38 PM  

What are extra partition & intra partition TDQs?


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answered By Mswami   0  

All Intra partition TDQ are stored in only 1 physical file (VSAM)  

  • Record from the queue can be returned sequentially.
  • Record can be written sequentially.
  • Records can be of variable length format
  • Several tasks can write to the same TDQ but only one task can read from TDQ.

Intra Partition TDQ is used in application such as  

  • Interface among CICS transaction. Applicati on program 1 TDQ Appl . Pgm 2 report
  • Automatic task Initiation (ATI)
  • Message routing
  • Message Broad cast.

Extra partition TDQ is a separate physical file & may be a disk, tape or reporter.  

  • DCT determines the initial open / close status of a file while the file can be opened or closed through the master terminal transaction during CICS session.
  • TDQ can be defined as an Input or output but not both.
  • Records are fixed, variable, blocked or unblocked.
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