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CICS - what are the differences between DFHCOMMAREA and TSQ ?

asked mar September 7, 2014 04:39 AM  

what are the differences between DFHCOMMAREA and TSQ ?


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answered By Mswami   0  

Both are used to save data among tasks. But commarea is private to that transaction only, like every transaction has its own commarea created by cics as soon as the transaction is initiated.

However TSQ, if QID is known, can be accessed by other transactions also. commarea length is s9(4) comp I.e., 65k . but TSQ can have any length.

commarea is available only during the transaction is running. TSQ, if created with auxiliary option resides in aux memory and available even if main memory crashes.

Normally commarea is used to transfer data from one task to another while TSQ is used widely within the task as a scratch pad.

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