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CICS - What does Pseudo Conversational mean?

asked mar August 19, 2014 12:13 PM  

What does Pseudo Conversational mean?


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Pseudo Conversation: The programming technique in which the task will not wait for the end-user replies on the terminal. Terminating the task every time the application needs a response from the user and specifying the next transaction to be started when the end user press any attention key (Enter, PF1 through PF24, PA1,PA2 and Clear) is pseudo-conversational processing.

Pseudo-conversational transactions are used in CICS application programs that consist, internally, of multiple tasks that are designed to appear to the operator as a continuous conversation. The program issues an EXEC CICS RETURN request with the TRANSID option. The next input from the terminal causes the specified transaction to be initiated unless the IMMEDIATE option is specified. If the IMMEDIATE option is specified, the transaction is initiated without waiting for any input from the terminal.
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