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CICS - What is an AICA abend?

asked mar August 18, 2014 10:52 AM  

What is an AICA abend?


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AICA Abend:

If your transaction terminated with abend code AICA, the transaction is likely to have been in a loop.

A loop is a sequence of instructions that is executed repetitively. Loops that are coded into applications must always be guaranteed to terminate, because otherwise you could get any of the symptoms of loops described in Classifying the problem.

If a loop does not terminate, it could be that the termination condition can never occur, or it might not be tested for, or the conditional branch could erroneously cause the loop to be executed over again when the condition is met.

If you find that the looping code is in one of your applications, you need to check through the code to find out which instructions are in error. If it looks as if the error is in CICS code, you probably need to contact the IBM Support Center.

Some CICS domains can detect loops in their own routines. Please refer IBM site for details.
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