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CICS - What is MDT ? How it is related FSEAT & FRESET? what is the meaning of MDT?

asked mar August 19, 2014 11:04 AM  

What is MDT ? How it is related FSEAT & FRESET? what is the meaning of MDT?


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MDT stands for Modified Data Tag.


Specifies that the Modified Data Tag (MDT) for this field is set when the field is sent to a terminal.

Specification of FSET causes the 3270 to handle the field as though it has been modified. On a subsequent read from the terminal, this field is read, whether or not it has been modified. The MDT remains set until the field is rewritten without ATTRB=FSET or until an output-mapping request causes the MDT to be reset.

Either of two sets of defaults can apply when a field that is to be displayed on a 3270 system is being defined, but not all attributes are specified. If no ATTRB values are specified, ASKIP and NORM are assumed. If any value is specified, UNPROT and NORM are assumed for that field unless overridden by a specified value.


Specifies that the Modified Data Tags (MDTs) of all fields that are currently in the terminal buffer are to be reset to the not-modified condition (that is, field reset) before any map data is written to the buffer. This allows the DFHMDF macro with the ATTRB operand to control the final status of any fields that were written or rewritten in response to a BMS command.
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