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CICS - What is the attribute byte?

asked mar August 19, 2014 12:09 PM  

What is the attribute byte?


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Specifies field characteristics and attributes, such as the field's capacity to receive data or the intensity to be used when the field is output. Also, use it to prevent data in an input field from being displayed, for example, for secure entry of a password from a screen.

If ATTRB is specified for a group of fields, it must be specified in the first field entry. The ATTRB specification refers to all the fields in a group as one field rather than as individual fields.

Attribute byte is a 1 extra byte for each field,we give while creating a map.

It has 8 bit arrangement as given below:

a) 0th and 1st bit contains the information regarding the other 6 bits

b) 2nd and 3rd bit are for Protected/Unprotected/ASKIP.It has four combinations
00-Unprotected Alphanumeric
01-Unprotected Numeric
11-ASKIP(Automatic Skip)

c) 4th and 5th bit are for Intensity.It has 4 combinations

d) 6th bit is always ZERO.

e) 7th bit is for MDT(Modified Data Tag).It has two options
0-MDT is OFF(Nothing was updated in map)
1-MDT is ON(Data is entered).
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