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CICS - What is the CICS LOAD command?

asked mar August 18, 2014 11:19 AM  

What is the CICS LOAD command?


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answered By Mswami   0  
Loads an application table or mapset from a disk directory into shared main storage. For TXSeries for Multiplatforms regions, programs cannot be loaded by use of the LOAD command. If an application program issues a LOAD command for another program, the request is ignored. If the command includes the SET option or ENTRY option, the value that is returned in each case is a null pointer.

LOAD fetches an application table or mapset, if no copy is in storage, from the disk directory where it resides and loads it into shared main storage. If a copy of the resource is already resident in storage, a pointer to this copy is returned if the command includes the SET option. This facility is used to load an application table (to which control is not to be passed), or to load a mapset that is to be used in a mapping operation.

If you omit HOLD, the table or mapset remains in main storage only until the task that issued the load terminates or issues a RELEASE command.

The following example shows how to load a user-prepared table called TB1:

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