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CICS - What is the difference between a Symbolic map and Physical map ?

asked mar August 4, 2014 11:13 AM  

What is the difference between a Symbolic map and Physical map ?


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answered By Mswami   0  

Physical Map:

  • Primarily used by CICS
  • Ensures device independence in the application program
  • For input operations, it defines the maximal data length and starting position of each field to be read and allows BMS to interpret an input data stream
  • For output operations it defines starting position, length, field characteristics
  • (Attribute Bytes) and default data for each field, and allows BMS to construct an output data stream.
  • Physical map is a program in the form of Load module    
  • Physical map is coded using BMS macros    
  • BMS macros are assembled separately and link edited into the CICS load library


1.     Ensures the device and format independence to the application programs

2.     A layout change in the formatted screen can be done independent of the application program coding as long as field name and length remain the same

3.     Symbolic map is included in the program by issuing a COBOL COPY statement

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