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CICS - What is the function of the CICS translator?

asked mar August 18, 2014 12:27 PM  

What is the function of the CICS translator?


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Translating, compiling, and link-editing CICS application programs

After you have written a CICS application, you must first compile and link-edit the application. If the program is written in COBOL, C, or C++, you must first convert the EXEC CICS statements that are included in the programs to COBOL, C or C++ statements. (PL/I programs do not need to be translated prior to compilation.) The two commands you use to do this are:

    This is the control language translator that converts source code to an equivalent source program in which each EXEC CICS command has been converted into COBOL, C or C++

    This command performs the translation, compiles the translated program, and links the resulting object.

The remainder of this chapter discusses translating and compiling application systems to run in your CICS region. If you are compiling them to run under the control of a debugging tool, you have to specify additional compiler arguments.

Using cicstcl to translate, compile and link-edit CICS programs is the recommended way of generating your executable CICS programs.
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