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CICS - What is the use of DCT?

asked mar August 18, 2014 12:32 PM  

What is the use of DCT?


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DCT stands for destination control table.

The DFHDCT macros are supported for migration purposes only. All DCTs must be migrated to CSD resource definitions using the DFHCSDUP MIGRATE facility.

The DFHDCT TYPE=(INITIAL,MIGRATE) and DFHDCT TYPE=GROUP macros, and extensions to the DFHCSDUP MIGRATE command help you convert your existing DCT macro definitions to RDO definitions. See RDO GROUP for migration--DFHDCT TYPE=GROUP for more information.

The destination control table (DCT) contains an entry for each transient data destination. A destination can be intrapartition, extrapartition, indirect, or remote. You code different DFHDCT macros for each type. The macros specify the symbolic name for each destination, and other information that CICSĀ® needs.

The DFHDCT TYPE=GROUP macro can be used for migrating DCTs to the CSD file. A TYPE=(INITIAL,MIGRATE) macro must be specified in this case, to obtain the correct AMODE and RMODE.

The following macros define transient data destinations:

  •  DFHDCT TYPE=INITIAL establishes the control section and necessary linkage editor control statements for the DCT.  
  •  DFHDCT TYPE=SDSCI defines the data control block (DCB), for an extrapartition destination.
  •  DFHDCT TYPE=EXTRA defines an extrapartition destination: a destination that is outside the CICS region.
  •  DFHDCT TYPE=INDIRECT defines an indirect destination: a logical destination that points to another destination. (This allows several logical destinations to be merged into one physical destination.)
  •  DFHDCT TYPE=INTRA defines an intrapartition destination: a destination that is within the CICS region.
  •  DFHDCT TYPE=REMOTE defines a destination that is owned by another CICS system or region.
  •  DFHDCT TYPE=FINAL concludes the DCT.
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