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CICS - When will be use the tdq and tsq?

asked mar September 7, 2014 11:58 AM  

When will be use the tdq and tsq?


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Temporary Storage Queue(TSQ) names are dynamically defined in the application program, while TDQs must first be defined in the DCT (Destination Control Table).

When a TDQ contains certain amount of records (Trigger level), a CICS transaction can be started automatically. This does not happen when using a TSQ. TDQ(extra partition) may be used by batch application; TSQ cannot be accessed in batch.

The Transient Data Queue is actually a QSAM file. You may update an existing item in a TSQ. A record in a TDQ cannot be updated. Records in TSQ can be read randomly.

The TDQ can be read only sequentially. Records in Temporary Storage can be read more than once, while records stored in Temporary Data Queues cannot. With TDQs it is “one read” only.

While implementing Page-up and page-down logic, TSQ is very useful, the reason behind is, it hold entire data even the control is returned to CICS.

TDQ is useful when there is requirement for message routing or printing of messages once the trigger level is reached.

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