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Cobol - By seeing a program how can we say that it is static call or dynamic call?

asked mar September 26, 2014 02:53 AM  

By seeing a program how can we say that it is static call or dynamic call?


2 Answers

answered By Mswami   0  

All called modules cannot run standalone if they require program variables passed to them via the LINKAGE section.

DYNAMICally called modules are those that are not bound with the calling program at link edit time (IEWL for IBM) and so are loaded from the program library (joblib or steplib) associated with the job. For DYNAMIC calling of a module the DYNAM compiler option must be chosen, else the linkage editor will not generate an executable as it will expect u address resolution of all called modules.

A STATICally called module is one that is bound with the calling module at link edit, and therefore becomes part of the executable load module.

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answered By Sreenivas   0  

For Static call,you could see the program name directly in the call statement CALL ‘PGMNAME’ USING arguments

For Dynamic call,program name is assigned to a variable and that variable is used in CALL statement 01 WS-SUBPGM PIC X(8) VALUE ‘SUBPGM’.


Another way is, For static call,there will be only one load available and for dynamic,you could see different loads for each component.

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