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Cobol - What is the use of comp2 ? Where can we use it with example ?

asked mar September 6, 2014 01:21 PM  

What is the use of comp2 ? Where can we use it with example ?


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answered By Mswami   0  

COMP-2:This is same as COMP-1, except that the data is represented internally in two words. The advantage is that this increases the precision of the data, which means that more significant digits are available. Similar to COMP-1, The PICTURE Clause cannot be specified for COMP-2 items also. COMP-1 takes 8 bytes of storage.COMP-2 is more precision than COMP-1.

In short, Same as COMP-1 except that data represented internally in two words Increases precision of the data. Picture clause cannot be specified.

Internal representation of COMP 2 data type is Hexadecimal requires double word for the data item to store. Used for accurate calculations(more precisions).

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