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Cognos - How can you create prompts in framework manager?

asked mar September 23, 2014 10:17 AM  

How can you create prompts in framework manager?


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answered By vishnoiprem   0  

How you create a filter in Framework Manager will depend on whether the filter is seen by a user in Query Studio and or Report Studio. Here is the expected behaviour seen in Query Studio based on a particular filter Filter using prompt Macro E.g. [database].[query subject].[query item] like #prompt('Prompt name', 'Datatype')# Because the example uses a macro filter in Framework Manager, then the filter is required and will be seen in Query Studio. Filter using ? ? E.g. [database].[query subject].[query item] like ?QueryItem? To make this filter prompt optional you need to set the "Usage" as optional in Framework manager. When you then use this query item in Query Studio you will not be prompted for a value. Please note that this is not the case in Report Studio. In Report Studio, you will be prompted for a value, however, as the filter is optional, the user can press the OK button without selecting any data items.

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