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Cognos - How to create multilingual reports?

asked mar October 4, 2014 10:16 AM  

How to create multilingual reports?


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You can create a report in IBM® Cognos® Report Studio that can be viewed in different languages. For example, you can specify that text such as the title appears in German when the report is opened by a German user. You can also add translations for text objects and create other language-dependent objects. Before you begin If you want the report to show data in different languages, the model must also be multilingual.

Procedure Create a report language variable. In the work area, select the object to modify based on a language. In the Properties pane, double-click the Style Variable property. If you are changing the language of a text string, click Text Source Variable instead.

Click Variable and click the language variable you created. In the Values box, select the languages for the condition to support and click OK. Tip: A default value exists for the variable, and it is always selected. Pause the pointer over the condition explorer button condition explorer icon and a language for the variable. Tip: When you select a value in the condition explorer, the Explorer bar becomes green to indicate that conditional formatting is turned on and that any changes you make to the report apply only to the variable value. In the Properties pane, specify the formatting for the language. For example, to change the language of a text string, double-click the Text property and select the new string.

Press Enter when you are done. Repeat steps 6 to 8 for all other languages specified for the variable. Tip: To view the report with no variables applied, pause the pointer over the condition explorer button and click (No variable) or triple-click the Explorer bar. Results When you run the report, the report objects to which you applied the variable are formatted according to the browser's language.

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