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Cognos - How to hide the prompts?

asked mar September 30, 2014 01:28 PM  

How to hide the prompts?


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answered By vishnoiprem   0  

Each prompt page has a render variable that is used to control whether to display the page or not. Create a boolean variable which will return TRUE if you want the page and FALSE if you do not. The variable can be based on the value of the prompt on page1 such as: promptValue = 'list'? will return true if list is chosen, false if anything else is chosen

One of the approach is to use Javascript to enable or disable the Prompt button.

Pseudocode of Javascript-

  1. Set a flag in javascript code to be true when a value is checked in check box prompt and flag to false when no value is checked for the same.
  2. Pass the flag over to another Javascript code which will be conditionally used to enable and disable the prompt button.
  3. The placement of these two code is very important in prompt page.

As you do not want to use reprompt button, Make the code dynamic to pass flag values to enable or disable prompt button dynamically.

Try to implement the Pseudocode into program.

Still,If you need basic Javascript code , please post screenshot of complete requirement, Cognos version and other helpful information(code- in case you are already using some java script and its not working).

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