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Cognos - What is Cognos Powerhouse and what is it used for?

asked mar September 26, 2014 02:30 PM  

What is Cognos Powerhouse and what is it used for?


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answered By vishnoiprem   0  

Cognos Powerhouse is High-Productivity Application Development Solutions equips you with high-productivity development environments for creating your data-driven business solutions faster,whether for Web-based, client/server, or traditional terminal-based access. PowerHouse has gained a worldwide reputation for productivity, reliability, performance, and flexibility.

PowerHouse uses a data dictionary (similar to the meta data repository used by Cognos 8 BI) so programmers don't have deal with file/table handling and discovering data definitions. It comes in three flavours - terminal based, client-server (Axiant) and web. There is a report writing tool (Quiz, Cognos' original product when it started as Quasar in 1969), form generator (Quick), and a transaction processor (QTP).

PowerHouse Web is a very good solution for data warehouse implementations that need to maintain reference data not found elsewhere and therefore cannot be sourced using an ETL process. It is multi-platform (UNIX, Windows, OpenVMS, MVS, etc) and very scalable.

Cognos Transformer originally used PowerHouse technology and some of it has found its way into other Cognos tools. I believe Cognos should merge the data dictionary components of PowerHouse and Cognos 8 BI so that the tools can be integrated better.

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