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Cognos - What is Regular Dimension and Measure Dimensions and difference between them ?

asked mar October 4, 2014 09:38 AM  

What is Regular Dimension and Measure Dimensions and difference between them ?


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Dimension: is a broad group of description, grouped together to describe a key area of a business. e.g., Product dim, Customer Dim which holds all details 'bout pdt n customer respectively Measure: is a numeric fact which shows a business strength. e.g., sales_quantity. it shows the amount of quantity sold.and in report we can present measures with respect to various dim attributes like product, employee, customer, time, etc

Dimensions Dimensions are those things you want to track. They're referrers, pages, country of origin, product category and other items whose attributes are often non-numerical. Measures Measures are the quantities you want to measure. Visits, page views, hits, bounce rate and other items that can be quantified numerically. Remembering Dimensions vs. Measures Here's a tip to help you remember the difference between dimensions and measures: dimensions can be thought of as the rows in a spreadsheet, while measures are like the columns. In fact, for web analytics reports, you're likely to see your data displayed that way. Standard Dimensions & Measures In a web analytics tool—like Webtrends, Omniture or Google Analytics—these are the standard dimensions and measures you have access to. Of course, you can always create your own.

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