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Cognos - What is the difference between cognos 8.2 and cognos 8.3?

asked mar September 23, 2014 12:14 PM  

What is the difference between cognos 8.2 and cognos 8.3?


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answered By vishnoiprem   0  

The MAJOR difference not mentioned is that 8.3 assigned object identities at run time. Thus, for all javascript, you must use functions that decode an object's id, rather than attempting to refer to the object directly by name (as you could in 8.1 & 8.2).Also, I'd suggest getting the Upgrade Manager to assist in your upgrade. This allows you to run a benchmark of all your reports, and to repeat the run with your reports in 8.3 - it will show errors in converted reports, differences in results, etc., etc. all with an automated tool.

  1. Integration with all of their products. ie Cognos Enterprise Planning is now run through Cognos Connection, Cognos Data Manager jobs can now be executed through Cognos Connection, etc.

  2. Report Studio/Express Authoring. Can now write better formatted reports against cube/dmr datasources.

  3. New features for the DMR cubes. i.e. Time-State rollup, faster rendering.

  4. Better Administration features within Cognos Connection.

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