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Cognos - Where exactly determinants are used in cognos framework manager?

asked mar October 4, 2014 09:57 AM  

Where exactly determinants are used in cognos framework manager?


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Determinants are a feature of Cognos 8 designed to provide control over granularity in a similar, but not identical means to Dimension Information in Cognos8. Determinants are most closely related to the concept of keys and indexes in the database. There is no concept of hierarchy in determinants, although the order in which they are specified does govern the order in which they are evaluated. A determinant can define the set of database columns (query items) that uniquely identify a set of data or it can identify a set of columns that identify a non-unique set within the data.

Let us understand the determinants in simplest terms.

Company CEO Empl
IBM sham Vishwas
IBM  sham Mritunjay
IBM sham Farrukh

Company Revenue
IBM  500000
Carrot 400000

When above 2 tables are joined on Company field and you bring following items in the query Company,CEO, Revenue. The the following will be the output

Company CEO Revenue
IBM  sham  500000
IBM  sham  500000
IBM  sham  500000

You got three rows because Ennova had three employees, here cognos was not able to understand that granulirity of both these tables was different. You have to defined it explicitely and end product of this is called DETERMINANTS.

Here in the first table you have to define 2 determinants CEO and Company and and check the check box of group by. Now when you run the query in cognos you will find that repeation is not there.

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