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Core-Java - What's difference between struts 1.1 & 1.2?

asked marvit September 17, 2014 07:08 AM  

What's difference between struts 1.1 & 1.2?


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answered By Madhumathi   0  

In struts 1.1 front controller is ActionServlet In 2.x front controller is FilterDispatcher In struts 1.1 we have RequestProcessor class In 2.x we have Interceptors instead RequestProcessor will see about this concept later just remember as of now In struts 1.x we have multiple tag libraries like, html, logic, bean..etc In 2.x we do not have multiple libraries, instead we have single library which includes all tags In struts 1.x the configuration fine name can be [any name].xml and we used to place in web-inf folder In 2.x the configuration file must be struts.xml only and this must be in classes folder In struts 1.x we have form beans and Action classes separately In 2.x form bean, Action classes are combinedly given as Action class only, of course we can take separately if we want ;) In struts 1.x properties file must be configured in struts-config.xml But in 2.x we need to configure our resource bundle(s) in struts.properties file In struts 1.x we have programmatic and declarative validations only In 2.x we have annotations support too along with programmatic and declarative validations

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