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DataStage - Explain the architecture of data stage clearly?

asked mar September 20, 2014 06:33 AM  

Explain the architecture of data stage clearly?


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Data Stage is an ETL tool in the Business Intelligence market. It works for Extraction, Transformation and Loading the data from the sources to the target. Data Stage allows the data integration across many systems and process the huge volumes of data.

We make you understand the architecture of Information Server

Data Stage has three Client Components
Data Stage 8.5 is the latest version by Data Stage and the new features follows as
 •40% faster in tasks like saving, renaming, compiling.
 • Resource usage is reduced to 5%
 • Great XML processing package and can process in parallel
 •Break point can set on the links of your job, When the job runs in debug mode, break point will make it stop where you can step to next action on that link or can skip to the next row.
 •Vertical pivoting is added
 •You can integrate directly with control systems like CVS.
 • You can draw a detailed integration solution for data warehouse within the database
What we make you learn:
We train every learner with special focus on each and every topic to give you the utmost experience of online training. We give you a handful support to make you face an interview and get a support when you are in the job. Especially we aim to focus on some topics to give you an overview. Some topics we cover in the training by our trainer in Data Stage Online training as
 •Extraction of data from multiple sources and applications
 •Combining the data by various stages
 •Design jobs that read and write the data to files
 •Design jobs that read and write the data to relational databases
 •Implementation of different transformation techniques
 •Scheduling the jobs from director
 •Usage of dsjob command

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