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DataStage - Standardize Stage in Quality Stage

asked Rams September 6, 2014 02:15 AM  

Standardize Stage in Quality Stage


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Standardize Stage is one of the stage in quality stage, used to make the data into standardize format. After applying the investigation stage, we will move the data into the standardize stage to make the data into standardize format.In the standardize stage we will be applying the three types of standardization rules.

The Standardize rules are as below a) Domain preprocessor rule b) Domain specific rule and c) Validation Rule

Domain Preprocessor rule is the rule that rules are set do not perform standardization but parse the columns in each row record and each token into the appropriate domain specific column sets which are name, area, address like that.

Ex: Rules------ usprep -------ok

Some standard examples will be like

Name 1 John doe Name 2 123 clay field, brisbane Address 1 c/o smith james Address 2 West end 4000

Domain Specific Rules: These rules are rules that rules are set, we can check every individual domain level whether that data is valid or invalid. This is mostly domain specific rules set we an apply on three domains. They are name domain, address domain, area domain

Validation Rules: The validation rules are used to standardize, the common business data including data, name, emailid, phone number, social security number, credit card numbers etc We will be validating the data and reporting the error.

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