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DataStage - What is APT_DUMP_SCORE?

asked mar September 20, 2014 06:32 AM  



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APT_DUMP_SCORE is the data stage environment variable which is used to print a report showing the operators, processes, and data sets in a running job.

The APT_DUMP_SCORE report documents activity within the InfoSphere Information Server parallel engine. The parallel engine is a runtime engine that uses a combination of interpreted and compiled code to extract, transformation and load of data. The InfoSphere DataStage Designer enables you to specify the data flow and processing steps in a job, without having to specify the degree and nature of parallel processing which happens during job run time.
A configuration file (APT_CONFIG_FILE) specifies the nature and amount of parallelism, and the specific resources that are used to run a job. When a job is to be executed, the data flow information in the compiled job is combined with the configuration file to produce a detailed execution plan called the score. The score is useful in analyzing job performance and diagnosing problems in jobs. If the user sets the environment variable APT_DUMP_SCORE, a text representation of the score (a report) is written to the job’s log.

The job score that populates the report includes information about all operators in the job, including operators that are automatically inserted by the Designer client. The score shows how many nodes each operator runs on, and the anticipated flow of the job as it goes from operator to operator through internal data sets.

Please refer IBM site for more details.
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