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DataStage - What is data stage job Monitoring?

asked mar September 20, 2014 06:33 AM  

What is data stage job Monitoring?


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The IBM InfoSphere DataStage job monitor can be accessed through the IBM InfoSphereDataStage Director. The job monitor provides a useful snapshot of a job’s performance at a certain moment of its execution, but does not provide thorough performance metrics. Due to buffering and to some job semantics, a snapshot image of the flow might not be a representative sample of the performance over the course of the entire job. The CPU summary information provided by the job monitor is useful as a first approximation of where time is being spent in the flow. That is why a job monitor snapshot should not be used in place of a full run of the job, or a run with a sample set of data as it does not include information on sorts or similar components that might be inserted automatically by the engine in a parallel job. For these components, the score dump can be of assistance.

Job monitoring is a option in datastage director. Using this we can monitor the job and we can get the Information about the job. i.e How many stages used for the corresponding jobs,what are the stages used, and how many records process/processed in each link.

This Option "Job Monitoring" is available in datastage Director.

Not only that, we can see the records how they are going to the different links. By this we come to judge weather the records are going in a proper order to reach the Target.
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