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DataStage - What is the Difference Between Data Stage 7.5 version and 8.1 Version?

asked mar September 20, 2014 06:33 AM  

What is the Difference Between Data Stage 7.5 version and 8.1 Version?


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Data stage 7.5:

1. it is standard tool.
2. Repository is Universal like DBMS.
3. It have 4 client components.
4. No WAS.

Information Server 8.1:

1. It is integration tool & Quality analysis, profile stage.
2. It is ETL & Quality tool
3. Repository is RDBMS like db2,oracle.
4. It is having WAS.
5. It is having three client components. 

Some of the differences are:

1. In 7.5 it having data transformation,metadata management,where is in 8.0.1 ,data perform,data quality,data transformation,metadata mgmt involve.

2. In 7.5 involve two tier architecture where as 8.0.1,n-tier architecture.

3. Operating system dependent,where as in 8.0.1 ,operating system independent.

4. No web base administrator,where as in 8.0.1 having web base administrator. 

Datastage 8.1 : 1.It is integrated with default database DB2 and Websphere application server.
It has SCD stage.

Datastage 7.5 : 1.It has default universe database. It has no SCD stage. 
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