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DataStage - what is the difference between the active data warehouse and data warehouse?

asked mar September 20, 2014 06:32 AM  

what is the difference between the active data warehouse and data warehouse?


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answered By Mswami   0  
An Active Data Warehouse is an important part of pervasive BI as it provides historical data infused with real time data on the fly either pushed or pulled to the user. The difference between a traditional data warehouse and one that is active is in the way it handles events. An active data warehouse will have pre-defined rules, schedules or event triggers which cause a certain automatic action such as notifying the user, giving a discount to a certain customer, etc.

An active data warehouse (ADW) is a data warehouse implementation that supports near-time or near-real-time decision making. It is featured by event-driven actions triggered by a continuous stream of queries (generated by people or applications) against a broad, deep granular set of enterprise data.

Active Data Warehousing allows access by customers, partners and suppliers at the same time; Integrating multi-subject, cross-channel information to optimize business opportunities; Allowing fully detailed ad hoc reporting and machine modeling, such as data mining, to discover new hypotheses etc.
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