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DB2 - What is COPY PENDING status?

asked mar August 3, 2014 04:50 AM  

What is COPY PENDING status?


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A state in which, an image copy on a table needs to be taken,  In this status, the table is available only for queries. You cannot update this table. To remove the COPY PENDING status, you take an image copy or use REPAIR utility.

COPY-pending status:

The COPY-pending (COPY) restrictive status indicates that the affected object must be copied.

DB2 ignores informational referential integrity constraints and does not set CHECK-pending status for them.

Refer to the following table for information about resetting the COPY-pending status. This table lists the status name, abbreviation, affected objects, and any corrective actions.

Resetting COPY-pending status
StatusAbbreviationObject affectedCorrective actionNotes
COPY-pendingCOPYTable space, table space partitionTake an image copy of the affected object. 
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