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DB2 - What is lock escalation?

asked mar August 20, 2014 12:06 PM  

What is lock escalation?


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Lock Escalation:

Lock escalation is the act of releasing a large number of page, row, LOB, or XML locks, held by an application process on a single table or table space, to acquire a table or table space lock, or a set of partition locks, of mode S(shared) or X(eXclusive) instead.

Begin program-specific programming interface information. When locks escalation occurs, DB2 issues message DSNI031I, which identifies the table space for which lock escalation occurred, and some information to help you identify what plan or package was running when the escalation occurred.

Lock counts are always kept on a table or table space level. For an application process that is accessing LOBs or XML, the LOB or XML lock count on the LOB or XML table space is maintained separately from the base table space, and lock escalation occurs separately from the base table space.

When escalation occurs for a partitioned table space, only partitions that are currently locked are escalated. Partitions that have not yet been locked are not affected by lock escalation. Unlocked partitions remain unlocked. After lock escalation occurs, any unlocked partitions that are subsequently accessed are locked with gross locks.

For an application process that is using Sysplex query parallelism, the lock count is maintained on a member basis, not globally across the group for the process. So, escalation on a table space or table by one member does not cause escalation on other members.

Example lock escalation:

Assume that a segmented table space without partitions is defined with LOCKSIZE ANY and LOCKMAX 2000. DB2 can use page locks for a process that accesses a table in the table space and can escalate those locks. If the process attempts to lock more than 2000 pages in the table at one time, DB2 promotes its intent lock on the table to mode S or X and then releases its page locks.

If the process is using Sysplex query parallelism and a table space that it accesses has a LOCKMAX value of 2000, lock escalation occurs for a member only if more than 2000 locks are acquired for that member.

When lock escalation occurs:

Lock escalation balances concurrency with performance by using page or row locks while a process accesses relatively few pages or rows, and then changing to table space, table, or partition locks when the process accesses many. When it occurs, lock escalation varies by table space, depending on the values of LOCKSIZE and LOCKMAX. Lock escalation is suspended during the execution of SQL statements for ALTER, CREATE, DROP, GRANT, and REVOKE.
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