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DB2 - What is Skeleton cursor table (SKCT)?

asked mar August 21, 2014 12:02 PM  

What is Skeleton cursor table (SKCT)?


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answered By Mswami   0  
It's the Executable form of a Plan. This is stored in SYSIBM.SCT02 table.

SKCT(Skeleton Cursor Table) is a portion of the DB2 catalog which represents the application plan.Page set SCT02 is used to store skeleton cursor tables (SKCTs). These tables store the access paths to DB2 data. When a plan is executed, DB2 uses this information to access the data it needs.

Because a single SKCT can be longer than the maximum record length that can be used in DB2, SKCTs are stored as a sequence of SKCT sections.

The skeleton cursor table parent record (SCTR) contains as much of the SKCT section as the record can fit. The entire SKCT section is stored in this record if it fits; if it does not fit, it is stored in one or more SCTRs. Each SCTR is identified by a unique section/sequence number.
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