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DB2 - What is sqlcode -922 ?

asked mar August 3, 2014 05:03 AM  

What is sqlcode -922 ?


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SQL Code: -922


Authorization failed because of the error indicated by error-type

The types of authorization failure:
  1. User authorization
  2. Plan access
  3. Duplicate exit requested
  4. Installation error
  5. Connect
The DB2 reason code associated with authorization failure.

System action
The statement cannot be processed. The connection to DB2 is not established.

Programmer response

If error-type is 'USER AUTHORIZATION', the authorization-ID specified to DB2 through your attachment facility is not valid for DB2. Contact the system programmer or your CICS®, IMS™, or TSO system administrator.

If error-type is 'PLAN ACCESS', then the authorization ID associated with this connection is not authorized to use the specified plan name or the specified plan name does not exist. See your system administrator.

If error-type is 'DUPLICATE EXIT', then you requested a duplicate exit.

If error-type is 'INSTALLATION ERROR', a connection or sign-on exit denied your request. See your system programmer.

If error-type is 'CONNECT', an SQL CONNECT request failed to connect to the local DB2 with USER/USING specified. See the reason code for a description of the failure. The application program has been placed in the connectable and unconnected state. The only SQL statements that can be successfully completed in this state are CONNECT, COMMIT, ROLLBACK, and local SET statements. Any attempt to execute other SQL statements will result in an error (SQLCODE -900).

Any attempts to issue SQL statements following the -922 SQLCODE when error-type is not Connect cause unpredictable results.
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