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DB2 - What is a view? Why we use it?

asked mar August 21, 2014 12:47 PM  

What is a view? Why we use it?


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A view is a named specification of a result table. The specification is an SQL SELECT statement that is effectively executed whenever the view is referenced in an SQL statement. In other words, a view is a virtual table made up of data from base tables and other views, but not stored separately.

A view is a representation of data stored in one or more tables. A view is represented internally to DB2 by SQL statements, not by stored data. You can therefore define views using the same SQL statements that access data in base tables.

View Usage:

Each view must have a specific and logical use before it is created. Do not simply create a view for each base table. Views excel for the following six basic uses:

  • To provide row and/or column level security.
  • To ensure proper data derivation.
  • To ensure efficient access paths.
  • To mask complexity from the user.
  • To provide limited domain support.
  • To rename tables and/or columns.
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