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HADOOP - single point of failure

asked ganga bhavani August 8, 2013 09:25 AM  

single point of failure


4 Answers

answered By Nagarjuna   0  
        In CDH3 we were having these NameNode, SecondaryNameNode only, that time we faced SPF(single point of failure),If NameNode got down total cluster will be down. But Now in CDH4, this problem is eliminated by using alternate NmaeNode (standby NameNode).

       In CDH4 people they have introduced two NameNodes, and the only one will be in service and the another one will do the work what secondarynamenode does, and comes into service when the working namenode goes down. This feature is called NameNode HighAvailability (NNHA).
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answered By   0  
Name node and jobtracker are the single points of failures
but we have got an alternative from CDH4 and YARN(mapreduce2)
so if u wil use CDH4 and YARN u r Namenode and Jobtracker are wont be singlepoint of failures
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answered By balu-368   0  
Name Node is the single point of failure, because there is no backup to the name node, once name node down the total cluster down.
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answered By ganga bhavani   0  
SPF--Single point of failure
IN hadoop cluster SPF is at NameNode
If NameNode got down total cluster will be down
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