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Hive - Hive Arichtecture?

asked marvit February 25, 2015 04:24 AM  

Hive Arichtecture?


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It's too important to know about Hive architecture, most often asked in Hive interview question also. Every bigdata analyst should aware of this hive architecture to be succeed in bigdata ecosystem.

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answered By marvit   0  

Hive Arichtecture

Metastore: stores system catalog

To support features like schema(s) and data partitioning Hive keeps its metadata in a Relational Database.

Meta store is packaged with Derby, a lightweight embedded SQL DB.

Schema is not shared between users as each user has their own instance of embedded Derby.

Stored in metastore_db directory which resides in the directory that hive was started from

Driver: manages life cycle of HiveQL query as it moves thruÂ’ HIVE; also manages session handle and session statistics

Query compiler: Compiles HiveQL into a directed acyclic graph of map/reduce tasks

Execution engines: The component executes the tasks in proper dependency order; interacts with Hadoop

HiveServer: provides Thrift interface and JDBC/ODBC for integrating other applications.

Client components: CLI, web interface, jdbc/odbc inteface Extensibility interface include SerDe, User Defined Functions and User Defined Aggregate Function.

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