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Informatica - 1 lac of flat flees in source how to load target at a time?

asked marvit April 10, 2015 04:36 AM  

1 lac of flat flees in source how to load target at a time?


3 Answers

answered By Beginner   0  
This answer is pending moderator approval u can mention source file directory. source file type as indirect in session properties and name the file. Name all the files u want to load in that file  u mentioned in file name manually or via some script and run the session.
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answered By Kalisetty   0  

If all the source file's have the same structure then use "file indirect" method to load all the source files into target in a single instance....

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answered By Prahlad   0  


Can you please explain briefly how can we achive it.

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answered By Anuj   0  

if they have same structure use unix or cmd script to enumerate the names of files in an indirect file and then use this indirect file to load target.

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