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Informatica - Difference between filter and router?

asked marvit September 20, 2014 08:05 AM  

Difference between filter and router?


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Router transformation divides the incoming records into multiple groups based on some condition. Such groups can be mutually inclusive (Different groups may contain same record)

Filter transformation restricts or blocks the incoming record set based on one given condition.

Router transformation itself does not block any record. If a certain record does not match any of the routing conditions, the record is routed to default group

Filter transformation does not have a default group. If one record does not match filter condition, the record is blocked

Router acts like CASE.. WHEN statement in SQL (Or Switch().. Case statement in C)

Filter acts like WHERE condition is SQL.

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answered By vikas   0  

1.A Filter transformation tests data for one condition and drops the rows of data that do not meet the condition.

Router transformation provides us the facility to capture the rows of data that do not meet any of the conditions to a default output group.

2.Filter transformation works as WHERE clause of SQL .

Router transformation acts like IIF condition in informatica or CASE.. WHEN in database .

3.Router transformation  is more efficient than the Filter transformation.

For example :-We have 3 departments in source HR, ADMIN and TECHNICAL, now we want to send these records into 3 tables call HR_TABLE, ADMIN_TABLE and TECHNICAL_TABLE based on it's department id.

To achieve this we require only one Router transformation.

In case we want to get same result with Filter transformation then we require at least 3 Filter transformations.

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Filter & Router both are active/Connected transformation.

.Filter the data based on single condition only.For testing multiple conditions on input data we need multiple filters it Hit the Performance.
We can't capture the rejected data in filter transformation.Filter always act as a WHERE condition in sql.
where as Router filter the data based on multiple conditions.We can capture the rejected data in default group.Router act as a CASE.....WHEN statement in sql.
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