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Informatica - How do you implement scheduling in informatica?

asked marvit September 20, 2014 08:05 AM  

How do you implement scheduling in informatica?


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Scheduling a Workflow:

You can schedule a workflow to run continuously, repeat at a given time or interval, or you can manually start a workflow. Each workflow has an associated scheduler. A scheduler is a repository object that contains a set of schedule settings. You can create a non-reusable scheduler for the workflow. Or, you can create a reusable scheduler to use the same set of schedule settings for workflows in the folder.

You can change the schedule settings by editing the scheduler. By default, the workflow runs on demand. If you change schedule settings, the Integration Service reschedules the workflow according to the new settings. The Integration Service runs a scheduled workflow as configured. The Workflow Manager marks a workflow invalid if you delete the scheduler associated with the workflow.

If you configure multiple instances of a workflow, and you schedule the workflow run time, the Integration
Service runs all instances at the scheduled time. You cannot schedule workflow instances to run at different times.

If you choose a different Integration Service for the workflow or restart the Integration Service, it reschedules all workflows. This includes workflows that are scheduled to run continuously but whose start time has passed and workflows that are scheduled to run continuously but were unscheduled. You must manually reschedule workflows whose start time has passed if they are not scheduled to run continuously.

To schedule a workflow:

1. In the Workflow Designer, open the workflow.

2. Click Workflows > Edit.

3. In the Scheduler tab, choose Non-reusable if you want to create a non-reusable set of schedule settings for the workflow. 

Select Reusable if you want to select an existing reusable scheduler for the workflow.  Note: If you do not have a reusable scheduler in the folder, you must create one before you choose Reusable. 

The Workflow Manager displays a warning message if you do not have an existing reusable scheduler.

4. Click the right side of the Scheduler field to edit scheduling settings for the scheduler.

5. If you select Reusable, choose a reusable scheduler from the Scheduler Browser dialog box

6. Click OK. To reschedule a workflow on its original schedule, right-click the workflow in the Navigator window and choose Schedule Workflow.

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