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Informatica - How to join 2 tables, without using any condition?

asked marvit February 18, 2015 04:07 PM  

How to join 2 tables, without using any condition?


3 Answers

answered By Raghu .   0  
yes we can join ...but it is cartesian join (joining two tables without any condition)
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answered By   0  

It is possible with a cross join query like below:

select * from a,b.

if table a having 5 rows, table b having 10 rows, the result will be 5*10 = 50 rows.

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answered By Mswami   0  
It is not possible to actually possible to join two tables without using any condition. If we would like to join two tables, then in source qualifier transformation add all the ports from two tables(if both tables are from same database source) and write down your join condition in user defined join option or otherwise write down join condition inside the sql query option with generated SQL query (OR) simply use a dummy condition like 1=1.
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