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Informatica - How to update records in Target, without using Update Strategy?

asked marvit September 20, 2014 08:03 AM  

How to update records in Target, without using Update Strategy?


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answered By vishnoiprem   0  
A target table can be updated without using 'Update Strategy'. For this, we need to define the key in the target table in Informatica level and then we need to connect the key and the field we want to update in the mapping Target. In the session level, we should set the target property as "Update as Update" and check the "Update" check-box.
Let's assume we have a target table "Customer" with fields as "Customer ID", "Customer Name" and "Customer Address". Suppose we want to update "Customer Address" without an Update Strategy. Then we have to define "Customer ID" as primary key in Informatica level and we will have to connect Customer ID and Customer Address fields in the mapping. If the session properties are set correctly as described above, then the mapping will only update the customer address field for all matching customer IDs.

This is we can use to implement type 1 scd,
in session properties treat source row as update
in session mapping tab tick on update and update else insert
note:- the unconnected lookup is used to lookup on the target table and to derieve the max key and increment it for furthur new records key value using expression transformation..       
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