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Informatica - What is Dynamic lookup Transformation? when we use?

asked marvit April 10, 2015 04:41 AM  

What is Dynamic lookup Transformation? when we use?


4 Answers

answered By Beginner   0  
This answer is pending moderator approval Dynamic lookup is mainly used to SCD type mappings, when we want to update cache before we load data to target table so that data in cache always remains consistent with target table data.It is mainly used to remove duplicates as lookup checks updates with every record, so duplicates gets removed which we cant do with statis cache.So, mainly if u want to update lookup table along with target table rather than updating after successful session run or u want to remove duplicates u can use dynamic lookup cache.
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answered By Shivam   0  
Dynamic Lookup, will be performing Update operation.. This is not first operation. This will be supported by Connected Lookup only.
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answered By Kalisetty   0  

Dynamic lookup updates cache before writes data into the target...first it will update cache then only it updates target table...generally we are using it in SCD's.....

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answered By Anuj   0  

Dynamic lookup can be used in loading SCD, by placing it just before the target table

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answered By Mswami   0  

Dynamic Lookups are used for implementing Slowly Changing dimensions. The ability to provide dynamic caching gives Informatica a definetive edge over other vendor products. In a Dynamic Lookup, everytime a new record is found (based on the lookup condition) the Lookup Cache is appended with that record. It can also update existing records in the cache with the incoming values.

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