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Informatica - What is fact table granularity?

asked marvit September 20, 2014 07:58 AM  

What is fact table granularity?


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answered By vishnoiprem   0  

The first step in designing a fact table is to determine the granularity of the fact table. By granularity, we mean the lowest level of information that will be stored in the fact table. This constitutes two steps:

Determine which dimensions will be included.
Determine where along the hierarchy of each dimension the information will be kept.
The determining factors usually goes back to the requirements.

Which Dimensions To Include

Determining which dimensions to include is usually a straightforward process, because business processes will often dictate clearly what are the relevant dimensions.

For example, in an off-line retail world, the dimensions for a sales fact table are usually time, geography, and product. This list, however, is by no means a complete list for all off-line retailers. A supermarket with a Rewards Card program, where customers provide some personal information in exchange for a rewards card, and the supermarket would offer lower prices for certain items for customers who present a rewards card at checkout, will also have the ability to track the customer dimension. Whether the data warehousing system includes the customer dimension will then be a decision that needs to be made.

What Level Within Each Dimension To Include

Determining which part of hierarchy the information is stored along each dimension is not an exact science. This is where user requirement (both stated and possibly future) plays a major role.
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