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Informatica - What is incremental loading ?

asked marvit September 20, 2014 08:06 AM  

What is incremental loading ?


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answered By Mswami   0  

"Incremental loading" as the name implies that the "data in source is incremented on hourly daily or monthly basis, incremental here means data is continuously added into the source", now when you implement a mapping for incremental loading then you have to run that mapping daily or on monthly basis, when you run the mapping then in that case you only want the current record to be fetched from source inspite of fetchin all the records. This fetching of current record and loading into the target is called incremental load.

Now there are lots of method to implement the incremental load but the 2 best methods are:

1. Using Parameter file - pull the data from source system on the basis of updated dates which is taken from parameter file.

2. using IJT(Informatica job control) - use pre session and post session SQL query in session to pull data from Source based on date from job control table. and simultanously updating the job control table with latest date.

In general the related concepts are Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) type 1, 2 and 3 and the Change Data Capture (CDS). SCD type 1 and 2 and the commonly used method, there are several documents in the Document section of this form explains that. Informatica also provide a wizard to create the mapping for SCD.

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