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Informatica - What is metadata?

asked marvit February 2, 2015 07:01 AM  

What is metadata?


7 Answers

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This answer is pending moderator approval Metadata is data about data, like for example there is a sales department u can say its data now the salesid, salestotal, etc are the metadata which are giving information or data about sales.
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data about data

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answered By Kumar-1118   0  

meta data is the data contains structure of the table not an actual data,actual data wil come into the picture while excution of the process.

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meta data is basically data about the data which is not actual data but it represents the data e: if a database table strucutre doesnt contins any of data but it represents the data with in the table like wisw

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answered By KIRAN-1110   0  

Meta data is nothing but data but it gives the table structure where we are storing our information in datawarehouse.As my view meta data is formate of table

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answered By abhishek   0  

Metadata -Its Data about data.

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answered By ashif   0  

Metadata means data about data.

Majority of the data integration tools needs a database while installing , this is to store the data about its different objects available in it. Likewise ,in informatica there exists 205 opb tables to store the metadata ie.,its codes into those tables not only informatica oracle database itself has its own system metadata tables to records the manipulations happening over it.

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answered By vishnoiprem   0  
A set of data that describes and gives information about other data.
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