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JCL - How do you designate a comment in JCL?

asked mar September 1, 2014 12:17 PM  

How do you designate a comment in JCL?


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answered By Mswami   0  

JCL files can be long and complex, and the language is not easy to read. OS JCL allows programmers to include two types of explanatory comment:

On the same line as a JCL statement. They can be extended by placing a continuation character (usually "X") in column 72, followed by "// " in columns 1–3 of the next line.

Lines which contain only comment, often used to explain major points about the overall structure of the JCL rather than local details. Comment-only lines are also used to divide long, complex JCL files into sections.

//MYJOB JOB ..........
//* Lines containing only comments.
//******** Often used to divide JCL listing into sections ********
//STEP01 EXEC MYPROC       Comment 2 on same line as statement
//STEP02 EXEC PGM=.........   Comment 3 has been extended and    X
//     overflows into another line.

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